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Immune Ecology and

Conservation Physiology Lab

Past members

PhD students

Carlos Domínguez-Sánchez (2021) - Currently a Research Assistant at the IECP lab

Cayetano Espinosa-Miranda (2020) - Currently a Research Associate at WWF Chile

Ignacio Peñín-Fernández (2019) - Currently an academic at CAADI, Mexico

Blanca Morales-Guerrero (2017) - Currently a postdoc at the Department of Marine Biotechnology, CICESE, Mexico

Wendy Espinosa-de Aquino (2017) - Currently a postdoc at CIBNOR, Mexico

Paddy Brock (2012) - Currently a Research Associate at the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, Glasgow University, UK

Laura Martínez-Levasseur (2011) - Currently a postdoc at Trent University, Canada

Masters students

Juan Carlos Pereida Aguilar (2021), Aranzazu Arias Rojas (2019; currently a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology de Berlin), Mónica Farriols Pérez (2019), Marina Banuet Martínez (2018; currently a PhD student at the School of Public Health of the University of Alberta in Canada), Nami Morales Durán (2018), Alejandra Herbert-Mainero (2017; currently a PhD student at the University of Edimburgh, UK), Luis Soto-García (2017), Cecilia Barragán-Vargas (2016), Adriana Flores Morán (2014), Camila Vera-Massieu (2014; currently a PhD Student at CINVESTAV, Mexico), Veerle van den Bossche (2009), Mike Williamson (2008), Agnes Rocha-Gosselin (2009), Janie Steele (2008), Alex Gray (2008), Milagros González-Hernandez (2007; currently a Senior Lecturer at UASLP, Mexico), Chloe Booth (2006), Laura Petteti (2006)



Valeria Ramírez-Ramírez (2020), Marina Banuet-Martínez (2016), Nami Morales Durán (2016), Luis Soto García (2014), Mónica Izquierdo Suzán (2014), Yara Suhan Juárez Campusano (2014), Alejandra Herbert Mainero (2014), Anaí del Llano Gilio (2014), Cecilia Barragán-Vargas (2013), Ashley Barratclough (2007), Claire Louise Jeffries (2007),

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